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NO previous dressmaking, pattern drafting, or fashion design experience required :)

Discover Your Creativity

Creativity is skill that you can learn (so, not a trait!). But the most satisfying results lie in uncovering YOUR OWN unique and only one!

Improve Your Sewing

Sewing is fun, but only quality sewing will make your time and efforts worth delivering results you LOVE (tacky is NOT what you want to wear, right?)

Enjoy Designer-Like Clothing

Reject the myths "I need to be a dressmaker", "a fashion designer", or "draft my own patterns"! Unleash your learning potential and start TODAY!

Upcycling Beginners

Where To Start?

"Where to start?" is often a conundrum when you're new to upcycling clothing (a.k.a. refashioning). And this, no matter the sewing, dressmaking - or lack of! - experience.

You could be a sewist all your life, a quilter, maker of your own clothes, sewing returnee, even a sewing beginner. "Where to start?" is where everybody begins.

Find out Mariana's systematical approach for easy start, with what you already have, so that you focus on the right stuff right from the get-go and avoid bulking up with half-finished projects you realised you won't wear 'as is'.

About Upcycling

What actually is upcycling, recycling, refashioning...

Many terms and definitions are thrown into the creative space right now and used in variety of ways. So, it can get quite confusing!

Learn more about what is upcycling and get inspired with free resources so you start making your own sustainable designer-look clothing for next to nothing SOONER.

Upcycling techniques

Clever Ways, Upcycling Techniques & Methods

Do you still think you need to be a dressmaker to upcycle and create clothes? Don't fall for it! 

Creativity in upcycling has nothing to do with being a dressmaker. It's a completely different skill (and yes, a skill that you can most certainly learn!).

Check out unique upcycling techniques to tweak, remodel and rework existing clothes into beautiful new styles below. Full list in the free copy of the Starter Kit.

NO dressmaking, pattern drafting, working with clothing patterns, or fashion design experience required - only basic sewing skills :)

Sewing tips

Improve Your Sewing

The biggest myth about reworking existing clothing into new is that you need to be  advanced at sewing first. Well, here's the truth: You actually don't have to be!

Start building your creative skills with some easy upcycling projects (check the Upcycling Techniques and Upcycling Beginners sections above) WHILE improving your sewing skills. You don't need dressmaking or working with patterns skills.

Enhance the quality of your sewing with our Quality Miniseries, tips, hints and insights from yours truly, fashion upcycler Mariana :)

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