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​Date & Time:
​Tuesday ​25th June 10:00 AM
(Perth WA, Australia time - AWST, UTC+08)

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About the Workshop

Learn what is important and how to finally start using your sewing machine in this free online workshop ​hosted by ​a ​professional sewist and clothing upcycler.

Host: ​Mariana Kirova

​Mariana ​loves sewing and ​reworking o​ld into new. She is passionate ​about helping others learn sewing and start ​turning ​once loved clothing into new styles themselves, a.k.a. ​fashion upcycling.

​She believes that more people ​switching to sewing and ​upcycling ​would help ​reducing ​today's enormous textile waste. That being active maker and creating promote healthy wellbeing and empowers with confidence and pride. She believes that sewing can truly change ​your life!

on this ​workshop

You'll learn about...

​What sewing machine to begin with (or compare with the one you already have at home).

​How to make your sewing machine work for you​ (and make it do what ​YOU want).

​Where to start to avoid pitfalls and confusion (and make sure you are doing ​things 'the right way').

​Invite friends and have fun together :)

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