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Free Resources For Refashioning Ideas & Tips

Not finding good free resources for refashioning ideas? Very often, the biggest hurdle for people who want to rework existing clothing is “What to make?”, “How to come up with ideas?”.

In upcycling workshops or from my audience online I often hear “Coming up with ideas of how a particular item of clothing could be reworked is the hardest”. Or “I find it hard working out how or what to design with the piece”.

Although qualified fashion design professional, I must admit, finding redesign and design ideas that suit your personal style taste is not easy. It is not the straightforward process of making clothes from scratch (a.k.a. from the fabric roll).

However, there are some good free resources that could spark refashioning ideas.

As a result, you would be able to find, adapt and build-up a one-off concept, even if you are just a sewist and “not a designer”.

free resources for refashioning ideas

In today’s episode we talk about the free resources for refashioning ideas, plus: 

In this episode you’ll learn what are my top 3 (and free) resources that helps me developing refashioning idea for a project. In particular, you’ll discover:

  • My top three free resources where to gather inspiration, online and in the physical world
  • How to look for the right ideas. Here I give you my five best tips that will speed you up and help finding what would realistically work for YOU
  • A free download of list containing clothes upcycling and sewing books, some of which packed with projects or techniques that you could use in your makes or just as an inspiration

Listen to episode #2:

Top 3 Free Resources For Refashioning Ideas & Tips 

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Here are some highlights inside this episode:

01:10 – Why getting your hands on some free resources is important in order to raise refashioning ideas of your own.

The top 3 free resources for refashioning ideas:

02:05 – Free Resource #1: Pinterest. What it is and how to search for ideas. Also, what key words to use and some other features on Pinterest that can help you organise, save for later or share ideas that you liked.

07:45 – How to use Google images as an alternative way to research for refashioning/upcycling ideas.

09:12 – Free Resource #2: Etsy. What is Etsy and how to use key words to search for recycled design ideas, upcycled clothing and creators.

12:00 – How to check for current and previous garment designs from a creator on Etsy.

15:00 – Free Resource #3: Sewing and upcycling books in local libraries. Why I find libraries are great resource.

18:00 – More on some additional resources, and their pros and cons.

The 5 tips how to look in those resources for refashioning ideas:

20:05 – My 5 Tips on how to look for YOUR idea. Moreover, how this bypasses the feel of being overwhelmed and being stuck not knowing what to pick right from the get go.

21:30 – Tip #1: Check your wardrobe what you like and usually wear, because your favourite items are great inspiration and starting point. How they will lead you to the right direction.

22:25 – Tip #2: Check what’s missing from your wardrobe and you would love to have. How going specific and in details is the key for developing the right refashion ideas, just for you.

23:26 – Tip #3: When you see a redesign idea that you like, try to figure out why you like it. Do your homework. What you like, specifics and details, is the key for your success.

26:06 – Tip #4: Ignore colours, prints and patters when you look at a design. I explain what you should be identifying in a garment so to train your eye and see the actual design.

28:20 – Tip #5: Keep in mind that you can customise any inspirational idea or designs. Refashion ideas are just the stepping stone to making your own. More on what you customise to your own fashion taste and preferences.

 29:30 – Wrapping up the episode, plus what’s up next time?

Download the freebie "List of Refashioning Books" below:

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As a fashion graduate and sewing professional with several years bridal and alteration experience, Mariana Kirova is passionate about quality one-off upcycles.

She loves sharing her findings, observations and upcycling ideas with like-minded aspiring creatives, refashionistas and makers.

It's time not only to start recycling those castoffs and add unique clothing pieces to your wardrobe. To enjoy it, it's time to immerse into the making process. Once you feel the deep satisfaction of creating with your own hands, you'll never look back to buying from the rack!

At the end, the more sewists start upcycling clothing already in circulation - the less valuable textiles will end up in landfill, right?

Mariana Kirova

Mariana is passionate about garment upcycling and helping others making their own upcycled clothing. Graduated with Award in garment construction from WAIFT, Perth WA, Mariana is not a main stream eco fashion designer. She makes unique eco-friendly garments from unwanted clothes and materials and believes that small fashion professionals and DIY sewers can embrace sustainability in garment creation, thus changing the fashion world for good.