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DIY Refashions: Creativity Is Skill

By Mariana Kirova

​Do you think you lack creativity? Do you think: “I’m not a creative person?” When it comes to DIY refashions we often feel we have no ideas. Creativity seems to slipping out.

I used to think that too. We’re just raised to think being creative is a personality trait. You have it or you don’t, right?

​See ​how I changed my mind. Why today I think this is the most misleading thought ​you could have (and ​as a result your love for sewing and making unique one-of-a-kind clothing suffers…).

Check out my video on Why you think you are lacking creativity and how you could change that. Today.

​I'd love to hear your thoughts!

For the love of creativity and pursuing it with joy

Mariana xx

Mariana Kirova

Mariana is passionate about garment upcycling and helping others making their own upcycled clothing. Graduated with Award in garment construction from WAIFT, Perth WA, Mariana is not a main stream eco fashion designer. She makes unique eco-friendly garments from unwanted clothes and materials and believes that small fashion professionals and DIY sewers can embrace sustainability in garment creation, thus changing the fashion world for good.

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for this. I too had decided that “I am not a designer” but now I will give it a go. Keep up the great work. I loved your coat design.

    • Great! Definitely give it a go, Laura! And mostly, give yourself enough time to progress. Starting simple is the best, just by combining some elements you like on clothing, for example. Keep me posted!

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