DIY Refashion Clothes Review

DIY Clothes Review

By Mariana Kirova

It’s completely ​OK to have bumps while refashioning and experimenting when turning old clothes into new. But, do you chuck those ‘burnt meals’ in the bin or somewhere away from your sight? After realising “This won’t work for me”, do you get anything else out of it? ​

It's time to take ​those out. They ​could teach you heaps!

​Review Your 'Burnt Meals'

​There is so much more in your not-so-pretty 'burnt meals' projects, as I call them. You can not just salvage the materials and trims to reuse later. ​You can also go back and review ​the design ideas you've implemented, the sewing quality, technique or whatever made you to leaving it behind. Just dig deeper whatever is in it and get yourself to understand why you didn’t like it.

​#3 Simple Lessons My 'Burnt Meal' Thought Me

Check out the video what I’ve learnt from my ‘Burnt Meal’, the disappointing failure I had from design perspective. I made the shirt awhile ago while studying Fashion Design but kept it probably to reuse the good material later on.

Now I'm glad I didn't ​cut it up. Because, now it ​helps me to show ​others like you, ​interested in reworking unwanted clothing, that reviewing the cast-offs of your work could ​teach you a lot

​​It's a great way to grow up your skills ​​and enjoy getting to know your style better.


Video Content:

  • ​00:00 – Intro
  • ​00:20 – The story of how I made my ‘Burnt Meal’
  • 02:20 – The Lesson intro
  • 02:20 - #1 Check how the fabric looks & performs
  • 03:10 - #2 Visualise, drape the design lines & details
  • 05:15 - #3 Check how the fabric feels
  • ​06:11 – Your Turn

​Questions To Ask

It happens that that kind of ‘failed’ DIY refashion clothes can teach us heaps if we’re ready to listen.

They have the power to recharge our creative side if we go back and review them.  Try questions like “Why I didn’t like you” and “What exactly put me off of you?”. ​

Review things like the overall refashion idea, the design specifics, colour or colour combinations, print, the cloth quality or drape, how good was the sewing, a particular technique you used or whatever ​that explains why you left it behind.

​Why Doing It

Reviewing why you don't like your DIY clothes and getting the questions answered has great learning potential to figure out details important for you.

This could give you good insights on what you actually prefer. And thus help out with what to  avoid or consider when you refashion something else next time. All this, simply by being open to see 'invisible' at first things that could be absolutely valuable in your future projects.

If you spent the time to figure it out, next time the chance of making something you really adore (and love to wear!) increases significantly. Which will add up to your confidence and make you real proud of your works, while enjoying the process of making beautiful clothes yourself.

What else one ​could ask for?

​Enjoy making your own


Mariana Kirova

Mariana is passionate about garment upcycling and helping others to make their own upcycled clothing. Graduated with Award in garment construction from WAIFT, Perth WA, Mariana is not a main stream eco fashion designer. She makes unique eco-friendly garments from unwanted clothes and materials and believes that small fashion professionals and DIY sewers can embrace sustainability in garment creation, thus changing the fashion world for good.