Clothes Upcycling 101 – Eco Fashion Sewing

Clothes Upcycling 101

When it comes to clothes upcycling (a.k.a. refashioning, recycling, remodelling), to make beautiful final clothing projects that you'll love and actually wear, you need to know a few things.

Fashion upcycler Mariana Kirova, previously bridal and alteration professional, and creative owner behind the scene, loves to share experience and projects so you learning the essentials faster and enjoy creating beautiful sustainable clothing yourself.

It's the new wave for home sewists, creatives, and pro fashion designers to explore how to make clothing in a new, more sustainable way reusing already existing clothes. The best part? It is available to anyone who wants to make and create! And often for next to nothing. Just by using your sewing skills.

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Sewing Essentials

Of course, you can upcycle and create unique clothing by using only hand-sewing techniques. However, machine sewing has the potential to get you to that next level of creativity.

Get on top of those machine and other sewing basics, thus enjoy clothes upcycling more, with the help of our sewing essentials below. 

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Design Hacks For Clothes Upcycling

In clothes upcycling you will find one of the greatest variety of projects - from taking the initial garment apart and using the resulting fabric with a pattern to never-thought creative ways and techniques.

Our successful formula for making beautiful styles is a mixture of old design fundamentals combined with suitable upcycling technique and a dash of redesign brilliance.

Remember, the best is to start from wherever skill level you are at the moment, and to build up your creative and design skills over time, step-by-step.

And if you think you are not a creative type, then listen to this episode of our podcast The Art Of Refashioning. It will help you decide whether creativity is your 'thing' :)

Below you will learn about design basics, upcycling techniques, tips and hacks that will boost your clothes upcycling skills up.

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