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Clothes Upcycling Projects & Tutorials

Refashioning, a.k.a. upcycling, is one of the most creative outlets out there for anyone who sews and we hope you'll find the clothes upcycling projects and tutorials we have so far inspirational.

While the upcycling process could vary a lot depending on the initial item and redesign idea, here you'll find projects that could bring personality to the wardrobe and make your creativity shine.

Besides, if you are at the beginning of your journey, you may want to start here with our Upcycling Beginner's Miniseries on our podcast, The Art Of Refashioning.

Whenever you are ready to take your skills up to the next level, check out our online classes so far.

In the meantime, you can always start solo. Subscribe to get the latest freebie on the website and follow our clothes upcycling projects and tutorials.

Creative Fixes & Resizing

Bypass the need of dressmaking skills and check some clothes upcycling projects and learn how to fix or resize creatively.

While not exactly our focus, here you'll find some ideas that demonstrate how to breathe new life into well forgotten faves. Another way to keep wearing what you already love and be gentle to the planet.

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