DIY Clothes Upcycling 101 - essentials, techniques, tips and tricks

What Is & How To Start Upcycling/Refashioning

10 Tips To Beat Procrastination When Sewing & Refashioning
This episode reveals how procrastination when sewing looks like when refashioning old clothing into new. Procrastination is quite common for sewers.[...]
What Is Refashioning & Why You Should Consider It
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3 Ways To Fire Fashion Revolution In Your Wardrobe
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Eco, Refashion or Upcycling? 39 Terms & Definitions Behind DIY Sewing And Sustainable Fashion
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Sewing Tips

How To Fix Common Sewing Machine Problems
By Mariana Kirova Troubleshooting your sewing machine or stitch. I know first hand it is not a happy situation. The[...]
Upcycle Sewing: #10 Tips For Neat Finish
By Mariana Kirova Have you felt disappointed of your DIY refashions? Have you ever wanted to get neat and professionally[...]
Safety Sewing Rules: Room, Equipment, People
Safety sewing measures To prevent injuries or general health issues of yourself, your family members, kids, and pets at home[...]

Fabric Essentials

The 3 Main Fibre Groups Used By The Fashion Industry. Part 3: Synthetic Fibres.
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The 3 Main Fibre Groups Used By The Fashion Industry. Part 2: Regenerated Fibres.
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The 3 Main Fibre Groups Used By The Fashion Industry. Part 1: Natural Fibres.
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Design Hacks

7 Questions For Successful Clothes Upcycling For Beginners
Reworking old clothing is one of the best ways to save money and safe the environment, however, clothes upcycling for[...]
The 3 Myths About Creativity And How To Build Yours
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Free Resources For Refashioning Ideas & Tips
Not finding good free resources for refashioning ideas? Very often, the biggest hurdle for people who want to rework existing[...]
Clothes Upcycling: The Upside-Down Concept To Recycle Old Clothes
By Mariana Kirova One of the best things when comes to reworking old or unworn clothes, beside being an excellent[...]
DIY Clothes Review
By Mariana Kirova It’s completely ​OK to have bumps while refashioning and experimenting when turning old clothes into new. But,[...]
DIY Refashions: Creativity Is Skill
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19 Tips on How to Make Upcycled Clothes That Look Great
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