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DIY Clothes Review

By Mariana Kirova It’s completely OK to have bumps while refashioning and experimenting when turning old clothes into new. But, do you chuck those ‘burnt meals’ in the bin or somewhere away from your sight? After realising “This won’t work for me”, do you get anything else out of it?  It’s time to take those […]

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DIY Refashions: Creativity Is Skill

By Mariana Kirova​Do you think you lack creativity? Do you think: “I’m not a creative person?” When it comes to DIY refashions we often feel we have no ideas. Creativity seems to slipping out.I used to think that too. We’re just raised to think being creative is a personality trait. You have it or you […]

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19 Tips on How to Make Upcycled Clothes That Look Great

Upcycled Clothes Successful - Mariana

By Mariana KirovaWas your last upcycled project successful? Did others wowed: “You look amazing!”? If your answer is “no”, then this article could help. These 19 tips reveal important questions to consider before tackling clothing you no longer wear. The answers will get you closer to making upcycled piece of clothing that looks beautiful to you. […]

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