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How To Fix Common Sewing Machine Problems


By Mariana Kirova Troubleshooting your sewing machine or stitch. I know first hand it is not a happy situation. The opposite! Could be very daunting. To help you with that I put together this guide. Below you’ll find how to fix #14 common problems you might encounter when sewing on your machine. Check also my top […]

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DIY Clothes Review

By Mariana Kirova It’s completely OK to have bumps while refashioning and experimenting when turning old clothes into new. But, do you chuck those ‘burnt meals’ in the bin or somewhere away from your sight? After realising “This won’t work for me”, do you get anything else out of it?  It’s time to take those […]

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Upcycle Sewing: #10 Tips For Neat Finish

By Mariana KirovaHave you felt disappointed of your DIY refashions? Have you ever wanted to get neat and professionally done look? This video explains the #10 things you should be looking for in your refashion makes.Making your own unique clothes by refashioning those you no longer wear is great fun, absolutely satisfying!​You don’t have to […]

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DIY Refashions: Creativity Is Skill

By Mariana Kirova​Do you think you lack creativity? Do you think: “I’m not a creative person?” When it comes to DIY refashions we often feel we have no ideas. Creativity seems to slipping out.I used to think that too. We’re just raised to think being creative is a personality trait. You have it or you […]

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Modular Wedding Dress

By Mariana Kirova Making own wedding dress without being a dressmaker is possible. You still don’t believe it? Follow me here and see how to make a plain wedding dress better only by adding crocheted or lace material and easy to find add-ons. No patterns or pattern making. Only time, love of lace and some pieces […]

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EFS ‘Upside-Down’ Upcycled Collection

How to start upcycling clothes - the collection

Interview by Marilyn R Wilson, first published on Eco Fashion Week Australia’s website (Nov 2017)​Edited by Mariana Kirova (Jan 2019)Runway photos: copyright of Harry Leonard ImageryOther photos: personal archive Q: What drew you to become a fashion designer?​I thought that I am not a designer-type person when I studied Fashion Design in 2012. I usually […]

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How To Upcycle Leather Jacket

By Mariana KirovaThere are 4 steps to refashion your small leather jacket or vest by adding small skinny jeans: Extend the jacket by adding a panel at the front (add 5cm for one size up width-wise)Make sleeves from colour matching skinny jeans legsMake a collar from the waistband of the jeans to improve the designFinish […]

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