About EFS – Eco Fashion Sewing

Hello there!

I am Mariana Kirova, the founder and owner of EcoFashionSewing.com. It is a pleasure to meet you!

My love for fabric began at very young age when fascinated, I started collecting fabric scraps from neighbours and family friends.

Many years later I got back into sewing. Started with quilting, but soon after I enrolled to study Fashion Design as I wanted to learn how to make clothes professionally.

After graduating with an Award in Garment Construction from The West Australian Institute of Fashion & Textiles in Perth, Western Australia, I got into local fashion industry, bridal dressmaking and alterations.


About Eco Fashion Sewing

Eco Fashion Sewing explores different techniques and upcycling methods to transform unused clothing into unique beautiful styles.

We carry slow fashion, eco-friendly mindset and believe a big impact can be done on individual level, at home, starting with what materials you choose to create with.

Eco Fashion Sewing Mission

Eco Fashion Sewing is to inspire you to upcycle your unworn wardrobe instead of buying new.

Clothing design and dressmaking is even more creative and satisfying by reusing unwanted clothing otherwise destined to landfill.