About EFS

Hello there!

I am Mariana Kirova, the founder and owner of EcoFashionSewing.com. It is a pleasure to meet you!

My love for fabric began at very young age when fascinated, I started collecting fabric scraps from neighbours and family friends.

Many years later I got back into sewing. Started with quilting, but soon after I enrolled to study Fashion Design & Technology following my desire to learn how to make clothes professionally.

After graduating with an Award in Garment Construction from The West Australian Institute of Fashion & Textiles in Perth, Western Australia, I ​got into local fashion industry by doing general and bridal dressmaking and alterations for small design studios, bridal shops and individual clients.

​I hope this website will help you to ​tackle your creativity and inspire you to make one-of-a-kind upcycled clothing ​of your own. ​And also to support you in building better knowledge, desing and sewing skills in reworking your clothes and charm people around with your makes.

As my priority is helping others to do it themselves, rather producing garments to sell, I also do facilitate presentations and hands-on workshops locally in Perth WA with different hosts at various locations. If you are local, pop in, I'll be happy to meet you in person!

​Making your own garments from materials already in circulation is a joyful and ​​undoubtedly very rewarding process. It  gives real results and skills for life you can apply to everything limited only by your imagination. ​

​One huge reason to get into it is that:

​Clothes upcycling empowers you to make a difference here and now​

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W​e face enourmous textile waste ​today. And reworking your unused clothing ​could save you ​not only money, ​but will also keep ​valuable textiles, already chosen from you, away from the landfill. 

Don't you think our children will thank us one day for ​leaving a safe environment to live in? I do. Surely, you do too.


About Eco Fashion Sewing

Eco Fashion Sewing explores, analyzes and shows various professional sewing techniques and design methods. It tailors them specially to fit garment making and design from already produced and unwanted clothes, vintage materials, thrift finds and fabric remnants.

In its heart Eco Fashion Sewing believes in slow fashion and ​advocates eco-friendly mindset and conscious fashion creation.

Step-by-step tutorials for different upcycling projects, essential information about textiles, fashion design, pattern making and everything related to upcyle garment sewing & design.

Eco Fashion Sewing Mission

Eco Fashion Sewing aims to inspire you to upcycle your unworn wardrobe instead of buying new. Clothing design and making can be just as beautiful by reusing and re-designing those cast-offs otherwise destined to the landfill.

Eco Fashion Sewing mission is to help you in this process, so to make your clothing footprint a more conscious, sustainable, uniquely crafted and satisfying eco-footprint.