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10 Tips To Beat Procrastination When Sewing & Refashioning

This episode reveals how procrastination when sewing looks like when refashioning old clothing into new.

 Procrastination is quite common for sewers. Today at The Art Of Refashioning, however, we talk about the specifics, the situations when upcycling and fear to cut a completely good item of clothing. Despite it is unworn as is.

When you love sewing and care about the planet, refashioning should be on your list if you want to make a difference.

But then, once onto it, you get worried about ruining a completely good item of clothing...

In today’s episode check if you stuck in a situation of procrastination when sewing and refashioning:

This episode helps to identify the negative feelings and the different situations related to procrastination when sewing and especially refashioning.

In particular you’ll discover:

  • What is procrastination and how you might be feeling or what your thoughts are when it’s there (the chances you might not recognising it at first are high, so a must to hear).
  • How procrastination when sewing looks like when comes to refashioning. What are the specific examples, from real makers and sewers, how they feel and what they think.
  • To get you moving forward, you’ll get first hand insights revealed in the 10 tips on what could be done to try and free up yourself in the process.

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How To Overcome Procrastination When Sewing And Refashioning

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Some highlights inside this episode:

3:30 – What exactly happens? Why we suddenly start feeling anxious over cutting an item of clothing.

5:10 – What is blocking us to create? The fear of “ruining it”. Why we procrastinate when we simply need to cut up clothing?

Situations Of Procrastination When Sewing And Refashioning And Tips On What Could Be Done:

10:00 – What is procrastination and how looks when upcycling unwanted clothing. My experience when I had to push myself and procrastination wasn’t an option. Below is my sewing space at this time.

Procrastination when sewing my sewing room

My sewing space where I made my collection

16:00 – How the lack of confidence influences your decisions, actions and thus, creative experimentation or lack of getting into it. Examples that you’ve shared.

17:40 – The two sides of confidence and how they affect us what we see, hear and experience. What to do to manage those and overcome procrastination when sewing and refashioning.

18:20 - Tip #1: Refocus on actionable things. You could change any action but you can’t change your personality or traits. How to use that and start making refashioning projects with confidence over time.

22:00 – Is the lack of confidence of wearing your own work something you experienced?

26:25 – Tip #2 when you lack confidence wearing your work: Ask and listen what others have to say about your work. How to use that to change your perception towards your work.

29:40 – More about the fear of ruining it, which is another reason to feel procrastination when sewing and upcycling clothing.

32:45 – Tip #3: Every unsuccessful project will teach you something, therefore instead of being anxious over a project use it. Otherwise, it is most probably going to be wasted, just sitting in the cupboard or downgraded if donated. Remember for the item the chance to get purchased back is only 20%.

34:05 – What to do when you stuck on what to make out of unwanted clothing. More about ideas and techniques though it’s coming in the next episodes, so make sure to subscribe here.

35:40 – Procrastinating over not having the ability to visualise your ideas. Why what they teach in fashion schools might not work for you. Tip #4: To visualise ideas, drape on the dressmaking stand. Then, take photos and finally make the design decision.

Check the example of three different design variations below. Here is the link to the article and video showing the finished project. It came out completely different at the end ;)

Procrastination when sewing - design option #1

1. Design option #1

Procrastination when sewing - design option #2

2. Design option #2

Procrastination when sewing - design option #3

3. Design option #3

42:25 – How feeling you’re not creative open doors to procrastination, when sewing and refashioning. Tip #5: You are creative, but you need to build up your creativity.

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More Tips On How To Overcome Procrastination When Sewing And Upcycling:

46:00 – Tip #6: Make it for a dead line. One of the most powerful motivation to overcome any procrastination is having a real dead line. We go over some examples related to refashioning.

47:30 – Tip #7: Make it for someone else. Use the magic of being responsible when it is for someone else, as opposed to making for yourself, and do it for someone you love.

48:25 – Tip #8: Improve a skill you need to polish or you think you’re lacking. Making small steps and including to learning something new with every project is good strategy to build up skills over time. Some examples related to refashioning.

49:30 – Tip #9: Grab your best idea at that specific point in time and make it. Surprisingly, there is more when going through the whole process.

50:00 – Tip #10: Accept that it is normal not to be in love with every upcycling project you do. Because the real gain could be something else, some examples in the episode here.

51:48 – Wrapping up the episode with what’s important and deserves attention.

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