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What Eco Fashion Sewing Is All About

Truly ECO

We use ONLY what's in circulation - left behind clothes in the closet, thrift finds, vintage materials, fabric remnants, leftovers or else - aiming to make it shine in its new found beauty.


Upcycle, refashion, mend or restyle! Explore variety of techniques, enjoy learning from detailed tutorials, get inspired to do it yourself with videos and articles packed with tips and key information.


Eco Fashion Sewing is about high-end quality makes and finishes, sewing methods, designs and upcycling techniques which assist you in making your DIY clothing an one-of-a-kind artwork.


Knit or woven, bulky or fine, lace or crochet, soft leather or fur! Every fabric and fashion material in circulation we find is explored so to be revived into a loved wearable piece.

Who's behind Eco Fashion Sewing

Mariana Kirova is the founder and the owner of Eco Fashion Sewing.

Mariana loves transforming unused clothing into stylish timeless pieces.

With background in bridal and alterations, today she is clothing upcycler with slow eco fashion mindset. She's on a quest of finding methods and techniques to share with those who want to make their own unique and beautiful artwear.

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