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Reworked Leather Jacket
By Mariana Kirova​Still keeping your too small old leather jacket in the closet? Have some successful recycled sewing projects behind[...]
Repurposing Mens’ Dress Shirts Into Womens’ Pants
This upcycling project looks at repurposing men's dress shirts into women's pants. The main steps of the process could be followed for any clothes recycling project done from scratch. It's time for you to check some of those unworn hubby's shirts ;)
Shirts Upcycling With Pattern: Transform Men Shirts Into Woman’s With Paganoonoo
Do you love men dress shirts, but want feminine design? This article introduces simple yet innovative way to transform men shirts into woman’s using Paganoonoo pattern. If you have basic sewing skills, but never done any clothes upcycling, this is one great technique to start making your own.
Re-design With Lace And Crochet: A Summer Dress Makeover
This video explains the process how to re-design a two-colour summer dress by using crochet table cover and vintage lace. Embellishment has never been easier with such a wonderful result at the end.
Cardigan Refashion With Lace [Design Details]
Here you will find the design details done for a stylish cardigan refashion with lace and thrifted fur scarf. Lots of pictures to show the elements and the embellishment technique used in this beautiful project. Get inspired and see how you can transform your cardie, jacket or vest from "boring casual" to "romantic boho chic" fashion piece!
19 Tips How To Make Upcycled Clothes That Look Great
Was your last upcycled garment beautiful? Did others make you a compliment, like “You look amazing!” admiring your outfit? If your answer is “no”, then this article is a must read for you. These 19 tips cover the most important questions you should answer if you want to make upcycled clothes that look great.
Refashioning Clothes: How To Design & Sew Easy Zero Waste “One New From Two Old” [Tutorial]
Start refashioning clothes today with the zero waste design technique, no need of special garment skills! Tutorial with supporting videos, pictures, tips and detailed instructions. You will also learn how to make sleeves, a gather and a coloured rolled hem with ONLY one coloured spool.
Feminine Refashion Of Shirt & Skirt Set [Design Details]
This article displays the design details of a shirt refashion in which a fitted shirt is transformed and combined with a skirt to create a whole new outfit with pinch of femininity.