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How Fashion Fundamentals Can Help For Garment Design, Upcycling & Sewing?

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"I love many colours, but which colours can I put together so my next sewing project doesn't end as a dreadful disaster?"

"How to design a great looking jacket from the fabric leftovers I keep from my previous sewing projects?"

"What design will suit me better, for example, can I add ruffles around the neckline of the dress I want to make?"

"What are the design elements and how exactly I can use them in my garment creations?"

Recognizing principles & elements of fashion design will give you more power!

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Safety Sewing Rules: Room, Equipment, People
To prevent injuries or general health issues of yourself, your family members, kids and pets at home or in your sewing studio, you should consider the safety of these three areas. Check if your sewing space is secure by following the safety sewing rules in this article.
The 3 Main Fibre Groups Used By The Fashion Industry. Part 3: Synthetic Fibres.
This third article of the series talks about widely used Synthetic fibres. Read about the most popular of the synthetics - polyester, but also about acrylics, nylon and elastomerics (known as elastane or spandex).
The 3 Main Fibre Groups Used By The Fashion Industry. Part 2: Regenerated Fibres.
Regenerated Fibres are made from cellulose and some alternative raw materials. This second part of the series takes closer look at fibres such as rayon, viscose, acetate, triacetate, but also at some eco-friendly options like lyocell, soya and bamboo.
The 3 Main Fibre Groups Used By The Fashion Industry. Part 1: Natural Fibres.
This part one of the series covers the most preferred group of the Natural Fibres. It discusses cotton, wool, silk, linen, hemp, bamboo and other sustainable alternatives. You will find also definitions of terms such as fibre, yarn and fabric.